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Project: Freedom4all

In 2009, COS Zeeland from Goes (center for international cooperation) celebrates its 25-year-old jubilees. To celebrate this does they in association with CBK Zeeland among the other things by organizing a culture project called “Freedom4all”. The topic the situation of refugees/migrants in the province of Zeeland in relation to the program “Four Freedom” has been formulated by Roosevelt Academy. Six artists can be inspired by the tale of migrants and make work which is exhibited at CBK Zeeland in Middelburg. The artists are: Wido Blokland, Ans Couwenberg, Tamara Dees, Marcel de Jong, Ludmila Kalmaeva and Paul & Menno the Nooijer. Every artist or artist duet makes a triad works. Every work has a format of 100 x 70 cm (altitude x breadth). The work arises under a huge scanner that state established at Zeeuws Archief. The picture which arises here is converted at “Printing-art-studio” into 12-colors pigment print. Stuck on dibond and behind shining acryl plate (so-called Diasec) the work is presented at CBK Zeeland. Text in Russian: 

in English:

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